3D Lac Adhesive Anti Warping Spray for 3D Printers ORIGINAL 400ml can *NOT hair spray*

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Spray a layer of 3D Lac onto your print platform before printing to counter warping and enhance the fixing of the printed part to the platform. 3D Lac Adhesive has been designed specifically for use in FFF 3D printing with all types of filaments. One spray is enough to securely fix all your printed onto the print plate. To remove the items after print, first let the part completely cool and then (if needed), a quick spray of glass cleaner at the base of the printed object should mean it lifts easily from the print plate.Daemon3Dprint is a reseller for 3D-Printers and 3D-Print filaments. We ship all over Europe from our own stock. 1 – 3 days delivery time.