3D scanner Handheld structure sensor for IPAD Air 2

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The device uses a process known as structured light, in which an infrared laser projector casts a specific pixel pattern on the scene in front of it. The Structure Sensor’s infrared sensor then records distortions in this dot pattern at VGA resolution as you move your iPad around the object you’re scanning, creating a depth (3D) map of the scene and the objects in it. (The Structure Sensor’s infrared detector was developed by PrimeSense, now owned by Apple, which designed the 3D sensor for Microsoft’s Kinect.) The device also uses the iPad’s camera, to record color data. There’s a Lightning cable included that’s just long enough to plug into the iPad’s Lightning port. The Structure Sensor has its own internal battery, and comes with a power adapter for charging.One Structure Sensor and matching precision iPad bracket

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