AIO Robotics PR1001 ZEUS All-In-One 3D Printer and Scanner, Turntable, PLA, Plastic, Desktop, Enclosed, 1.75 mm

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The World’s First All-In-One 3D Printer and Copy Machine

ZEUS All in One = 3D Scanner + 3D Printer + Computer + Touchscreen

3D Scanning
ZEUS 3D scans with 125 microns 3-4 times more detailed that any other All-In-One Printer on the market.

3D Editing
User friendly 3D editing let’s you easily place, scale and rotate your 3D objects. Automatic slicing: From .stl/.aio to Gcode.

3D Printing
Dual cooling mechanisms allows quick and precise prints up to 80 microns.

All status relevant data can be seen throughout the print/scan on the 7″ touchscreen. The print can be paused at any time, which allows the replacement of the filament/color.

Automatic Wi-Fi updates. New apps expand ZEUS capabilities continuously.

Two USB outputs: 3D objects can be printed directly from the USB-Stick. The extruder can be easily maintained with a quick swap and replace capability. LED’s illuminate the interior.

Customer Support
The on-board report function allows better customer service.

Apart from PLA the 3D printer can print composite materials like steel, bronze, bamboo and wood.

The closed case protects the filament and keeps ZEUS extremely quiet.

Possible Applications
ZEUS can be used as a 3D scanner, -printer or copy machine. Especially useful for educative purposes in general educational institutions, model, product design, medicine, product development, etc.

True Plug-and-Play (Ready to Go in 10 minutes) – Standalone (No External Computer Required)