Anycubic Linear Version Self-assemble Delta Rostock 3D Printer Kossel Kit With Filament and High Temperature Heat Resistant Adhesive Tape

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* For the error of automatic leveling may be relatively large and we have to level every time before printing, so we have given up automatic leveling, the new effector is simpler and easier to assembled. We just need level it for one time or the first time.

* Considering the un-uniform force from extruder and abrasion to materials, we use spring to adjust the extrusion force, for a better precision and keeping it stable for a long time.


Max Printing Speed:80mm/s ,Recommended Speed:60mm/s

Dimensions :310x330x680mm

Glass platform size:Dia.200mm ;Thickness:3mm

Print size :φ150mmx300mm

Layer thickness: 0.1-0.3mm ;Recommended thickness:0.2mm

Print resolution:0.1mm

Data input format:G-code,STL

Print the temperature(PLA):190-200°C

Connection Ways: USB/SD

Operating System: XP,Win7,Win10,Mac OS

Printing software: ReplicotorG,Repetier-Host,Printrun

Software language: Chinese/English

Power supply:AC 100-240V

Rated power:48W

Package List:

1* 3D printer kossel ( Linear Guide Version)
2* PLA filament 31g (random color)
1* SD memory card
1* SD card reader
2* 0.4mm Nozzle
1* High Temperature Heat Resistant Adhesive Tape
1* Anycubic 1-Spool Filament Rack
1* English Manual

Anycubic Kossel 3D Printers have been certified by CE. We provide all the potential downloads for Anycubic Kossel 3D Printer, please kindly contact us for the necessary Firmware and Software.Self-assemble rostock 3d printer, widely applied for scientific research, 3d printer DIY, teaching,archaeology.