Polymerized Lactic Acid (PLA) 3D printer filament properly tested to assure no war page during...

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NuNus Flexible Rubber Filament 1KG Flexible Rubber is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which is a rubbery plastic that behaves at room temperature as the classic representative, but is malleable when heated. At room temperature, the flexible and...

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PrimaValue™ is a series of filament we developed for everyday use, perfect when you need a high quality filament in standard colors. When Quality Counts! You should choose PrimaValue™ 1 kg of high quality 3D-Print material for your 1.75 mm...

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Our bubble free High Quality PLA filaments work on all 3D desktop printers providing your machine is able to take PLA. These printers include the popular Makerbot Replicator, Solidoodle, Ultimaker, Reprap, Printrbot and many more. All full rolls...

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Specification: ABS extrusion temperature: 230 °C- 260°C Diameter: 1.75mm Quantity: 6.1m / pc * 28 pcs Color: green,blue,orange,white,red,black,purple,coffee,yellow,golden,silver,camel,wooden, lavender,gray, natural,transparent, pink,dark...

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Advanced users of Afinia and UP! printers really appreciate the ability to print models without raft and with a base that has a very smooth mirror-like finish. * Borosilicate is a very high temperature glass. It has a melt temperature of...

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Spray a layer of 3D Lac onto your print platform before printing to counter warping and enhance the fixing of the printed part to the platform. 3D Lac Adhesive has been designed specifically for use in FFF 3D printing with all types of filaments....

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Package Content: 1 X Round Borosilicate Plate Note: Only including the accessory we said in PACAGE CONTENT, the machine and others are not included in this package.Precisely cut and constructed of heavy-duty...

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