ccbetter PEN000015 3D Printing Pen with Safety Holder, 2 Packs of Free Filaments, Version III, Blue and Black

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Create your Imagination
With this New Intelligent 3D Pen, now you can express your creative thoughts into a physical objects, plus it can enhanced and develop the art and calculation skills of your kids. Let the 3D pen nourish their capabilities for the future. It’s fun, entertaining with educational value.

Enhanced 3D Pen Quality
From the first 3D pen that comes out and sold in the market, our brand study and evaluate the negative issue in terms with 3D pen quality. This 3D Pen developed based on customers and public demand.

Longer lasting hot resistant

It can be use on longer operation without any malfunction so you can continuously having fun on your work.

Newly redesigned 3D Pen

Our 3D Pen is more slimmer with best handle curve style for easy holding quality, Super lightweight only 55 grams. Let your hands move freely and comfortable for smooth operation.

Easy to troubleshoot

In terms of troubleshooting, sometimes when you replace different filament colors some residue remain inside and it may clog the hole into the nozzle, simply press the two buckle located on the nozzle part and pull it out then remove all the clogs inside.


Just for a quick tips. To avoid clogging the filament feeder inside always cut the ending tip portion of the filament where you stop, because the milted part need to be cut off so that you can smoothly insert it easily without any problem in times when you need to use it again.

This 3D Pen is suitable for children over 8 years old and adultsEvery time you finish your art work by using this pen, you need to take out the filament, and let the remaining filament come out totally, don’t let the filament remain in the pen, otherwise, when next time you use the pen again, It’ll easy stuck