eSun 3D-PETG Filament 3 MM 1 Kg-Solid White, Pressure Tempe. 230~250℃ ℃, Ideal replacement for ABS. e. G. For 3D Printer Ultimaker, MakerBot, RepRap, MakerGear, UP, Mendel Huxlep, THING-O-MATIC, Builder, LulzBot-Mini, Universal

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eSun 3D-PETG Filament 3 MM 1 Kg
Pressure Tempe. 230-250 ℃, e. G. For 3D Printer Ultimaker MakerBot RepRap MakerGear UP Mendel Huxlep THING-O-MATIC Universal
Product Description: Diameter format: 3.00mm (Accuracy:2.9-3.0mm)
Best print temperature: 230~250℃
Bottom-panel temperature: 80℃ or no warming
Fees speed: 30~80mm/s
Idling speed: 90~150mm/s

PETG is an excellent material which combines the advantages of both PLA and ABS. Odorless; Little shrinkage rate; hydrophobicity (Will not absorb water and as such clog the extruders); Outstanding toughness and high impact strength; Good liquidity (flows smoothly); High mechanical strength and excellent flexibility; Good glossy finish;