Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset, Koiiko® Shinecon 2.0 3D VR Headset 3D VR Glasses Mobile VR Headset with Bluetooth Remote Controller & 360 Degree Panoramic Roaming & 120 Degree Field of View for 4.0~6.0 inch Smartphones for 3D Movies, Panoramic Video and Immersing Games

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Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset
FOV: 120 Degrees
Material: ABS Plastics + PU Leather + Foam + Optical Resin Len
Effect: The equivalent of 3 meters away to see 1050-inch Screen Resolution
Supported: 720P, 1080P, 2K (Recommend)
Suitable for people within 0 – 800 degrees myopia and 0 – 400 degree hyperopia
Fits for phone size is 4.0- 6.0 inch

Wireless Controller
Bluetooth: 3.0
Control Range: 10 meters
Support System: iOS/Android/PC
Operating Current: Approx. 0.5-8mA
Standby Current: Approx. 0.5-1mA
Charging Input: 5V, 200mA
Batteries: 1.5V*2

How to use the 3D VR Headset?

1. Open the Front Cover: Pull the switch button at the top of the headset, and then open the top cover.
2. Start the App: Open the installed APP Client, and enter into the right-and-left dual-screen interface.
3. Insert the Mobile Phone: Insert the mobile phone into the device, and correctly adjust the middle-line of the mobile phone.
4. Helmet Wearing: Adjust the tension of the 3 headbands to the most comfortable mode, please use it directly with glasses if myopic.
5. If there’s phenomenon of fuzziness and double images, please adjust the 2 pupil distance adjustment switches at the top of the device to ensure that the
observed pictures are clear and without double images. The lenses fluctuate from left to right, and to the position with clear view.

Three Game Modes of the Controller

•Gaming Function on Android
•iOS Game

About iOS User Note:

It does not support iOS VR games, Google cardboard.
It only supports iOS Jail Break or Games install from Simulator.

Package Include:

1 x 3D VR Glasses
1 x Glasses Cloth
1 x 3D VR User Manual
1 x Bluetooth Remote Controller
1 x Controller User Manual
No Dizzy & Anti-reflection & Radiation Protection & Anti Blue Ray – Environmental protection transparent lens by detailed works brings the 720P & 1080P & 2K display, with 19 pixel per degree in rehabilitation details, pupil distance adjustable, VR Shinecon 2.0 Makes you feel like sitting in Image Maximum cinema