German RepRap 3D printer PRotos ful kit (NW)

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The third generation of the popular self-assembly printer from German RepRap features many improvements. The PRotos V3 is a more solid, robust and precise 3D printer for self-assembly. The printer now features a three-point print bed for simpler calibration as well as milled aluminium parts for high precision and stability. This and other improvements make the assembly, maintenance and the addition of any options much simpler in comparison to conventional kits. Plug connections, assembled printed circuit boards and a robust steel frame are additional plus points of the PRotos V3.

Included with delivery:
Solid steel frame with adjustable feet

CNC-milled aluminium parts for high precision and stability

Set up for dual extruder

Height-adjustable Z end stop

Stabilisation of the Z axis

Simple belt tensioners at the X and Y axes

Print bed levelling via three-point seating with adjustable thumbscrews

Lubrication-free bearing on the Z axis

Pre-set motor driver

NEMA 17 stepper motors

Ramps v1.4/Arduino Mega 2560/Pololu A4988

Pre-configured wiring harness and power supply unit

Screws, threaded rods, shafts, linear bushings, bearings, belts

Buildtak printing plate

Incl. SD card reader for autonomous operation

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