GooDee 3D Printer Pen 65g Entry Level 3D Stereoscopic Print with Free ABS supplies (Blue)

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Brings out your inner child, Very fun, easier than your expected!
Just enough technology to keep child off the screen time and have fun with mother!

Operating manual:

1. Plug the adapter.
2. Press the wire feed button, then the pin will start preheating. If the indicator is red in green, it means the temperature reaches the melting point.
3. Put ABS(only ABS) filament in the import hole, hold the Feed button, the thread will be sent into the hole of the inner motor. If to allow the thread from the nozzle to draw what you want.

Product Parameters:
A material way: hot melt extrusion molding accumulation
Forming: three-dimensional shape
Print Range: indefinite
Spinning speed: Adjustable
Heating temperature in the range: 160 to 250 degrees
Device operating voltage: 12V 3A
Nozzle directly: 0.7 mm

Material: Plastic shell
Product Weight: 63g
Package Weight: 312g
Package Size: 22(L)*6.1(H)*12.3(W) cm
For groups:
Painting workers, product designers, hobbyists, children, students, etc.

Please Note:

1. Please ensure the filament you use is ABS and unload the filament after use, or it may cause the nozzle clogged and the nozzle may be popped off.
2. The painting pen nozzle and the near area are dangerous high temperature area when the pen is in use, please DO NOT touch the nozzle with hands or touch other objects with the nozzle. 

Package Contains:
1 x 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen
1 x 12V3A Power Adapter
1 x User Manual
1 x Free ABS supplies

Durable and easy to use
Low operating voltage and current, it is energy-saving
You can create art work on any smooth surface or in the air directly【SIMPLE AND PRACTICAL】 – This pen has a nice shape and isn’t too bulky to hold for adults or kids. Lightweight and stepless speed design, a slim (easy to handle) design, draw on paper or in thin air, or trace and connect to create 3D masterpieces.

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