JGAURORA Desktop A3 3D Printer Prusa Kit Self-assembly Prototype DIY Moulding 3D Printer Kits Support ABS/PLA/TPU/Nylon Filament

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A-3 Hot-selling Points:

1.Fully metal structure, more stable.

2.Self-developed control system based on Mega2560+ Ramps 1.4, paired with the A4982 driver chip, running at main frequency 50Hz,110V or 220V adjustable, all these greatly improving the overall printing performance.

3.2mm -thickness metal plate for high strength and durability.

4.MK8 extruder ensures better filament extrusion and higher resolution.

5.LCD 2004 panel & SD card reader, support stand-alone printing.

6. Using T-type threaded rods, high cost but create high accuracy at Z axis positioning.

7.High quality linear bearings which are smooth balls, uniform motion and less noise.

8.Independent switch for power on/off.Easier to assemble than acrylic structure printer, perfect choose for beginners.


3D Printer Type:FDM desktop 3D Printer
Nozzle Model:MK8
Structure:Metal (Assembled/ kit)
Printing Temp. :180C-250C
Display :With 2004 LCD Screen
Hot Bed Material:Aluminum substrate
Layer Thickness:0.1 – 0.3mm
Build Size :200 x 200 x 180mm
Printing Speed: 20-100mm/s
Hot Bed Temp.50C-110C
Printing Supplies: PLA,ABS
Input Voltage :110V/220V
Filament requirement :1.75mm
Output Voltage :12V,20A
Power Switch :Yes
Room Temperature:10C – 30C
Software Language:English , French, German
Working Humidity :20% – 50%
Printing Format : gcode
Machine Size :430 x 400 x 410mm
Input File Format:STL
Net Weight :10.00KG
Printing Software :Cura/Repetier-host
Gross Weight:12.00kgs
Compatible OS:XP, WIN7, WIN8, Mac
Package Size :460*440*190mm(kit)
1. Material style:It is made of metal design ,all metal frame structure 3d printer, YZ axis also metal