MINIFACTORY from Finland – ‘Innovator’ Industrial 3D Printer with Dual-Extruder, Enclosed Printing Chamber & Active Carbon Particle Filter

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SAFE AND CONTROLLED PRINTING. The enclosed printing chamber of the miniFactory Innovator improves operating safety and the quality of the printed items. An optimal and controlled printing environment supports printing of challenging industrial plastics such as ABS, POLYCARBONATE NYLON, and PEEK. The even temperature in the printing chamber improves the consistency of the printed items, while Innovator’s outer casing minimises the operating noise while printing. ♦ ACTIVE CARBON FILTERING. miniFactory is a pioneer in printing safety. Active carbon filtering is a significant innovation, which makes printing even safer than before. The carbon filter reduces the emissions into the room while printing with industrial plastics. When required, the filter can easily be replaced. ♦ MACHINING CENTRE QUALITY. The technology of the miniFactory Innovator is impressive, delivering results like a machining centre rather than a 3D printer, producing large, precise and high-standard printed products. The shafts are controlled by servo motors and ball screws. These high-quality components ensure reliability and durability of the unit. ♦ VISUAL CONTROL PANEL. 3D printing is now easier for the user. The visual display guides the user in controlling different stages of the printing process. The Innovator works in Standalone-mode, and can be located wherever you need it, with the printed item being delivered via a USB flash drive. Naturally, the Innovator can also be connected directly to a computer via USB. ♦ Nozzle temperature: max. 380°C┃Heated printing base: Yes┃Printing base temperature: 120°C┃Heated build chamber: Yes, passive┃Build chamber temperature: max. 50°C┃Ambient temperature: 15 – 35° C┃Storage temperature: 10 – 30 °C.┃Printing software: Repetier Host for miniFactory, Simplify 3D (paid)┃File types: .STL, .obj, .amf┃Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (Recommended)┃AC Input: 100Vac~260Vac