3D Printing Pen, Parner 3D Doodler Pen with LCD Screen, Safe and Easy to Use 3D Pens for Kids Adults, 3D Drawing Pen with 12 Colors PLA Filament Refills (White)

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Applicable Age: 6 years old and above
Color: White & Black
Voltage: DC5V-2A
Nozzle diameter: 0.6mm
Suitable Filament: PLA/ABS 1.75mm
Operating Temperature: 190-220℃ degree adjustable
Product Dimension: 5.16×1.1×0.78 in
Package Dimension: 6×3.48×2.25 in
Package Content:
1 x 3D Pen
12 Colors x 10 Feet PLA Filament
1X Pen Holder
1X Power Adapter
1X USB Charging Cable
1X User Manual

Operation Guide
1. After connecting the pen to the power supply(5V/2A), it will enter into standby condition when the LED screen displays “PLA” or “ABS”. Confirm the filament mode you want with “L” button, the default mode is PLA.
2. After confirm the filament mode, press “▶”button once to heat, when the power indicator turns green, put the filament to the filament input hole and load the PCL filament.
3. After the filament come out of the pen nib, press “L” button to adjust temperature and speed.
4. Press”◀” button once to start loading, press the “▶” button once to start unloading automatically.
5. After using the pen, please press the button “▶”to unload the filament, please finish unloading progress at one time. Keep both end of the filament be even before loading or after unloading so as not to cause stuck.
6. This product will automatically enter into standby mode without using of 3 minutes and the LCD screen displays “SLEEP”. Please press the “◀” button once to activate.

Safety Warnings:
☞DO NOT touch the nozzle during use to avoid burning your hand
☞PLEASE unload the filament after use and turn off the power.
☞Please put the pen in a place where children can not touch after using.
☞Please do not use the nib to touch other hard objects.
☞Please do not use foreign materials to load the hole of load the filament or the nib
☞This product is not waterproof.

❤Simple and Safe to Use: With the upgraded function, the 3D pen only need one button to load filament and one button to upload filament automatically, very easy for kids to use and relax their fingers. Automatic shut-off after few minutes of non-use for your safety