Anycubic Ultra Base 3D Printer 240 mm Platform Balancing Board Long-Lasting Construction Area for Delta Heat Bed

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Anycubic UltraBase 240 mm glass is the latest and the best possible type of platform.
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Please note:
* Nothing holds on the blank metal. It must have in any case, either the blue tape or another primer on the heat bed.
* The distance should be chosen so that a normal sheets of paper will not between the bed and nozzle.
* The heater bed requires the perfect temperature for the filament (For I use pla, e.g. 70 °C)
* The Nozzle Also Require The Proper water temperature (pla 210 °C, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) 230 – 240 °C)
* Take the pressure models from as the bed cooling down.
* Protects against splashes Please the printing bed adjust
* Clean the printing bed surface with alcohol or water
Temperature settings for different filaments:
1 pla: 50% – 70 ℃
2 flexible filament: 50% – 70 ℃
3) ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene): 100 to 125 ℃ (Recommended 110 ℃
4th PC: 100 – 130 ℃ (Recommended 120 ℃)
5th Nylon: 90 – 120 ℃ (Recommended 110 ℃)
6) PP: 100 – 130 ℃ (Recommended 120 ℃)
Material: Strengthened Glass Cover with Nichtorganischer coating
Product size: 240 mm
Box Contents:
1 x Anycubic Ultra Base Pressure Plate comes complete with glass support.
1. 【 flat surface 】: Ultra base is Glasbasierend and has a maximum tolerance of mm ± 0.2 mm. (usually within 0.1 mm). Please note: PETG is not recommended as the material the UltraBase surface easy to break.