KINGPRINT MKS SBASE V1.3 Smoothieware 32 bit Controller Board for 3D Printer

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Product features:
-Could be connected to touch-screen MKS TFT28.
-Good to work with MKS 12864LCD and MKS TFT touch screen.
-Net Weight:130g

– Pls confirm whether the positive and negative reversed before powering up again, if the user is due to reverse power and burn, and we do not guarantee such problems.
– Do not plug in case of power motor drive easily lead to burn; do not adjust the current in the motor is running.
The correct approach is to first disconnect the power, unplug the motor, and then re-power, adjust potentiometer, measure the voltage on the potentiometer until the measured voltage is the same as expected.
– MKS Sbase board must be inserted TF card can be used, it must be prepared to TF card, and be careful not to use poor quality TF card.
– Ancillary products is not including, need to purchase:
– 4 stepper motor: 42 motor with line
– Limit switch 3: MKS limit switches

Package Included:
1* MKS SBASE V1.3 32-Bit Controller Board
1*USB CableUsing 32bit 100M Cortex-M3 MCU-LPC 1768, and improve its performance highly.