MODAR 3D Printing Pen, Compatible with (PLA / ABS) Filament 1.75mm Filament Speed Adjustable Best DIY Gift For Crafting, Art & Model Non-toxic Safe to Kid (Blue)

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Best Gift 3D Printing Pen For Kids or DIYERS

How to use 3D pen?(For more detail instraction video, please refer to our user manual or contact us: moda0755 (at))
Step 1: Power on 3D pen, choose the mode”PLA” OR “ABS”
Step 2: Pre-heat about 20 seconds
Step 3: Inupt the ABS/PLA material (If you choose PLA mode in Step 1 , please use corresponding PLA material.)
Step 4: Drawing
Step 5: Unloading the rest material fully from 3D pen once you donot use

Here are the reasons why more and more customers choose our 3D printingPen
100% Kid Safe – Non-Toxic
Compatiable with PLA/ABS mode
Ideal for Beginners & Experts
Easy to use
Adjustable the speed while drawing
Good quality with best after-sales service

Extrusion mode: Melting
Formation: 3D
Filament Material: ABS / PLA with 1.75mm diameter
Spead of extrusion: adjustable
Theological extrusion quantity: 0.076-0.86 square per minute,adjustable
Melting temp of material ABS: 230℃, PLA:170℃
Adapter current: 100/250V, 3A
Pen electric spec: DC12V, 2A, 24W
The DC head diameter: 3.6mm * 1.35mm

1.The 3D printing pen only suitable for 8-year old children or order. Please accompany any children while they sculpt with the 3D pen.
2.DO NOT touch the nozzle while the pen is working.
3.DO NOT load dirty or impure filament into the 3d pen.

Package List
1 x 3D Printing Pen
1 x UK Power Supply
2 x 5 m PLA Filament or 1 x 10 m PLA Filament(Random Ship)
1 x Manual Guide
1x Drawing Model Paper2 KINDS OF FILAMENTS OPTIONS: This 3D pen compatibles with 1.75 mm ABS & PLA Filament. We suggest to choose PLA filament, which is more eco-friendly