PLA 1.75mm 4x250g Gold/Silver/Glow in Dark/Temperature Change – Filament Set for 3D Printer – FrontierFila

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The thermocromic filament changes color from dark green to yellow-green when warmed above ~32C. In the product picture you can see both colors as part of the roll has been warmed prior to taking the photo. Glow in the dark filament glows in the typical light green color that you would expect. PLA is the traditional, easy to print filament. If you have problems with bed adhesion, try to print the first layer at higher temperature and at a lower speed. Use a brim if necessary. If you still have problems, make sure your printing bed is carefully calibrated. If your bed is a tiny bit too near or far, bed adhesion won’t be as good as it could be. If the filament gets stuck and you’ve checked the nozzle for blockage for no avail, the problem can also be a damaged nozzle throat lining.Compatible with most 3D printers